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By Leon SuseranThe Region 6 Administration is being accused of failing to keep a promise to a resident whose fence and drainage infrastructure were destroyed by the Port Mourant Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) on November 23. Another resident had her concrete bridge destroyed by a Bobcat machine, too.  After the article was published in this newspaper’s November 25 edition, the Chairman, Mr. David Armogan investigated the matter and found that the NDC was culpable for the damages. Speaking to this newspaper via telephone, Mr. Armogan said that he will instruct the NDC to effect repairs to the damaged bridge, fence and drainage structure, and that the NDC should have notified the resident before embarking on a damage rampage.Another resident whose concrete bridge was destroyedNarine, a retired teacher residing in Georgetown turned up to his Lot 17,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Canada, 2ND Street Tain, Port Mourant house that day and saw immense infrastructural damage to his bridge; pipelines ripped out and damaged security fencing. He is accusing the Johns/Port Mourant Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) of going on a rampage,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, destroying his property. A concrete bridge of another resident in the area was also allegedly destroyed by a hymac belonging to the NDC.After the publication, Narine spoke highly of the officials who responded to him. He said that the “Chairman of the Works Committee at Tain, Port Mourant NDC apologized and he told me that he had to deal with over 30 cases of damages inclusive of destruction of lighting,Wholesale Jerseys China, meter, water lines, destruction of bridges.”  Residents without water and lights,” he added, “had to be reconnected.“I asked him why he doesn’t remove the driver. He will have an emergency meeting with all the operators,” he said.“He said the operator and NDC are at fault for causing so much destruction knowing that they should not have done what they did. They should have sent me a letter or a note or contact me. Whenever they are digging drains in front of residents, they must have the residents at home. He said that he will see that the NDC repair his stuff,” he said a few weeks ago.To date, no repairs have been done and a frustrated Narine has put his property for sale and abandoned Berbice. He says he has been chased out of the region.He was furious yesterday while speaking to this newspaper. “Every Sunday or on holidays I would journey to Berbice with workmen to build and repair the building. I like the building because of the shape of the roof, etc. as of todayt, I have spent in excess of $3,000,000 on repairs, adding on a large verandah; installing toilet and bath; building sheds around the building; putting up security fence, etc.”Narine added that indeed it was hard work, “only to arrive on November 24 and see damages to my security fence; my wooden bridge; the pipe I had below the bridge—all destroyed!”Narine standing next to his destroyed bridge, drains and pipes in November“At first, I thought that with the intervention of the Regional Chairman,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, things would be resolved, but I now realize that whatever discussion I had with him was just a big joke!”He went on to state that,Discount NHL Jerseys For Sale, “I did not deserve to be treated like a piece of garbage. I later spoke to the Overseer who blamed the hymac operator. When I spoke to the Chairman of Works of the NDC,Cheap Air Jordan Authentic, he blamed the operator that they should have notified me about proposed works in the area. They knew of my presence at the place every Sunday. There is a post box in front of my yard. Leave a correspondence! I would have received it and know what to do!”“Whatever done to my property has broken my heart! And I have lost the interest of wanting to reside in Berbice. Presently,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, there is a ‘For Sale’ sign on the property, all because I have no respect for the Regional Administration in Berbice,” he stated.He said that there are many things politicians can do and fool the people. “because they have the strength to do what they can do.” “Only in Guyana can these things happen!” he complained.“So now I am turning my back on the Ancient County and returning to live in Georgetown,” he said.When contacted yesterday, Mr. Armogan was quite surprised that the man’s place was not repaired by the NDC. He said that he will check with them on Monday.Armogan had said that even if the residents had breached building and construction regulations, the NDC had no right to go and embark on a destruction rampage on the community.
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