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She has two children alive, 22 grandchildren,Discount NFL Jerseys, 135 great grandchildren and she is still trying to count her great-great grandchildren at 102 years-old. Leah Allen was born on April 13th 1909 at Baracara in the Upper Mazaruni River.  She clearly remembered attending the St Edward’s Mission Primary School.Mrs. Allen was married at an early age to Reginald Colvolic Allen and that union produced three children, two girls and one boy; Maude Allen-Grenion,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, Gwenette Khan and the late Philbert Allen who died in 1979.The children were all born before Mrs. Allen relocated from Baracara to Bartica where she was a dedicated housewife and mother. Currently Allen lives in the West Secondary Housing Scheme with her eldest daughter Maude Grenion who takes care of her.In 1990, Allen relocated to the United States with her daughter Ms. Grenion but returned in 2001 after her daughter retired from geriatric care. For Ms. Grenion, caring for her mother at this age is an honour although it can be a challenge. Ms. Grenion said there are some good days and there are some bad days but she copes well.“There are some days where my mom would sit and cry because she can’t remember something and then there are days she will be in good spirit singing to herself and that kind of stuff.”Ms. Grenion says although her mother is 102 years old, she still tries to keep her busy and active.“I allow her to do everything for herself. I still want her to be active because I believe if she sits around and have us do everything for her she will just get sick of it.”On any typical day for Allen, she wakes up,Cheap Jerseys, takes a shower on her own,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, have breakfast and retire back to bed. She passes most of the day packing and repacking her room. Her daughter joked about her packing stuff and can’t recall where she would pack them then crying, out of frustration when she can’t find her belongings.However, apart from a little high blood pressure,China NFL Hoodies, at 102 Allen has no other medical complains as she walks around without assistance,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, combs her own hair and does pretty much everything for herself.102 Not out Leah Allen. Meanwhile,cheap jerseys, on her last birthday Allen was honored by the Lion’s Club of Bartica. She was treated with a hamper and other goodies. Leah Allen is a staunch believer in Christ as she has been a member of the St John the Baptist Anglican Church. Allen is said to be the second member of her family to have lived passed 100 year. She had a sister who died to 103.
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