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Police at Linden have arrested the mother and girlfriend of a man who was shot last Friday during a confrontation with a Wismar businessman.The two women were detained on Sunday after police received information that the women had harboured the suspect and facilitated his escape to Georgetown.  Kaieteur News understands that the fugitive’s mother was still in custody yesterday,NBA Jerseys From China, while his girlfriend was released on station bail.According to a source,NFL Jerseys China, police were told that the women got a nurse to visit the home under the pretext of wanting her to examine a pregnant relative.However, when the nurse arrived, the suspect,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, who has a bullet wound in the shoulder, was reportedly there.  Investigators were also told that the women assisted the suspect in travelling by car to Georgetown.The fugitive is at present before the courts for sexual attacks on two women from the community.Police had also initially viewed him as a suspect in the attack on two nurses at the Wismar Hospital.It is alleged that on Friday,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the suspect entered the yard of businessman Philip Fordyce, who discharged a few rounds at the intruder,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, reportedly wounding him.However, the injured man scaled Fordyce’s front fence and escaped,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, leaving a trail of blood in the yard.According to reports,Cheap Air Max 90 Wholesale, the blood trail ended in Silvertown, almost a mile away from Fordyce’s home.
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